Security Cameras in field offices

On 8/26/2015 3:45 PM, gail boatman wrote:
Stefani coons said they want to install security cameras in more field offices.  Pointed at the customers.
Do you have any feeling or thoughts about that?      Gail
I spoke to a DEQ person about this a few years ago. They have cameras that record the staff interactions with the customers. No sound, just video. They were and are still concerned that it will be “used against us” if things go bad with a customer bu they are OK with it so far.
At UPS there are ride along people who record how long a driver takes at each stop.  The teamsters went along with it because there were very strong safeguards in place so that all the data was anonymous and could not be traced to any driver or even to a group of drivers.
I assume the intention of cameras would be to identify people who assault the staff or each other.
If the cameras are low quality like those we use to observe the CDL testers, they won’t be effective. You can’t really identify people from the low resolution video they provide.
Cameras cannot summon police. Cameras are only effective AFTER someone has hit or shot or robbed a staff person.
Unless someone can show that security cameras are a strong deterrent to crime in our offices, I see them as pointless and potentially damaging to us, the staff.
John Hungerford

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