DMV Local 735


DMV Local 735 is a part of SEIU503, similar to a county being a part of the State. At DMV Local 735 we share the DMV work experience. Our employment provides services to the community, a way for us to make a living, and to care for our families. The union (that’s us) and our employer have something in common.

They both want to get the work done. Managements’ job is to develop a business plan, give directions and coordinate the efforts of the employees. The unions’ job (that’s us) is to make sure the work is just and fair and the workers are teated with digity and respect.

Some examples of unfair and/or unjust work and being treated without dignity or respect are: no opportunity for individual growth, a workload that is impossible to accomplish, a boss who unnecessarily micro manages, punishment without just cause, unfair comensation and/or benefits.

Have you witnessed unjust work or has it happened to you? Does it make you frustrated or even mad? You may ask yourelf, “why doesn’t the union do something about it?” Our union is member operated, so we all need to show support in order to make positive change. Alone we cant’ do much but together we can have a positive impact on our worklife.

Please show support. If you are not a member, join us; we welcome and encourage new members. If you are already a member, stay tuned and keep current on events and issues.

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